Leo Kerr

Who we are

Leo Kerr, with his team of highly skilled craftsmen, are based in Orkney isles in the Scottish Highlands.

Each Bespoke Mirror is individually created using the finest Scottish Hardwoods hand selected from local sustainable sawmills. The company has also had the privilege of being endorsed by the ‘Guild of Master Craftsmen‘.

Leo Kerr Mirrors are a functional item adding light and space to a room, but also encapsulate the beauty nature. Slices of home grown hardwoods such as Elm, Ash, Yew, Oak, Charred, Spalted Birch and Spalted Elm are selected and put on display to become unique works of art.

The Beauty of Nature

How we make our mirrors

6mm Polished edged mirror glass is used in conjunction with the  fine hardwoods.

Slotted screw  holes are also added  in the backs of the mirrors so they can be hung in any direction desired.

Each piece is then finished with a natural oil or wax finish.

mirrors being glued up


If you would like to stock our mirrors, please contact us for trade prices and ordering information.